Bling Pepper Spray
Bling Pepper Spray

Bling Pepper Spray

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  • 12-FOOT RANGE - point & spray a direct stream up to 12-feet with 12-15 shot-bursts per canister
  • UV MARKING DYE - burning hot formulation includes ultraviolet dye to stain the attacker for police identification
  • SWIPE SAFETY LOCK - swipe left to secure lock and prevent misfires; compact and safe to carry on keychains and purses
  • TWO MILLION WOMEN - trust & carry BLINGSTING since 2013, formulated and bottled in the USA & 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

States with shipping restrictions on pepper spray: AK, DC, MA  & NY. Due to regulations, we cannot ship pepper spray internationally. Please refer to our policy section before purchasing.